Even if in a completely benevolent way and with the best of intentions, there are some things that we humans do that really annoy our cats so much !

Often, in fact, we take it for granted that our furry ones may like what we like, but most of the time this is not the case.

That is why it is very important to get to know our feline friends better, and really understand what they love and what they hate. Only in this way will it be possible to create a serene and peaceful coexistence and at the same time a deeper and more positive bond for both.

If we know how to observe them well, in fact, cats speak to us with their behavior, which we can learn to recognize and decipher (to learn more about this topic, read also: “Cat behavior: driving” ).

But now let’s find out the 7 things we usually do and that cats don’t like !


Cats have very sensitive hearing , and this helps them to keep the situation under control, even if they are in a state of semi-sleep.

For this reason , any loud sound such as music, radio and TV turned on at high volume, loud and sudden noises, but also human screams, whistles or traffic with car horns … for them it is torture .

This is why they often tend to find quiet and isolated places to take refuge and when they suffer these disturbing noises, they react by snapping to attention in a defensive position, to protect themselves from any dangers.

For the sake of our pet, therefore, it would be advisable to create a peaceful home environment and not let him live in situations of chaos and confusion.


Although not as powerful as that of dogs, cats’ sense of smell is highly developed (more than 10 times ours), therefore they tend to perceive odors in an amplified way .

In addition, smells are the signals that cats use to communicate and receive messages … therefore any particularly intense smell disturbs their activity.

To annoy our feline friends are precisely those scents that we love to use so much : from personal ones such as deodorants, creams, shampoos, hairspray, etc. to those we use for house cleaning (air fresheners, detergents, etc.).

In addition to these cats cannot stand strong smells in the kitchen such as those of garlic and onion, spices, and citrus fruits.

How it is perceived instead our smell? Kittens don’t like that much either! That’s why after caressing them they often begin to lick their mantle: to neutralize our scent.


In most cases, cats have a very conflicting relationship with the element of water , which they conceive more as an element of survival to satisfy thirst, but not as something to immerse themselves in.

This, most likely, because their coat is not waterproof , therefore it dries very slowly and with difficulty, leaving the kitten for some time with a very unpleasant feeling of damp and wet on him.

Then there are always exceptions : sometimes we find playful kittens who are intrigued by the water , and this allows them to get closer and get used to this element.


The cat, you know, really likes to sleep. And this for him is a moment of vital importance and he absolutely does not like to be disturbed, for any reason!

Among the different things that can annoy the cat, this is perhaps the most understandable for us, since no one likes to be awakened while sleeping.

However, as far as our furry friend is concerned, there is one more reason. The cat sleeps several hours a day, alternating between phases of deep sleep and states of semi-sleep. However, even while sleeping, the animal is never completely isolated from reality, and even in moments of deep sleep, it is able to detect any sudden change in the environment, to be able to react promptly in case of danger. So here is what is triggered when we go to wake up the sleeping cat: in addition to giving it the annoyance we imagine, we also put it on alert and in a situation of perceived danger.


Just like the dog, the cat also does not like to be stared in the eye for long .

This behavior, in fact, in his language which is purely non-verbal, corresponds to a gesture of challenge. Therefore the cat will feel put in an unpleasant situation, almost as if it feels really threatened by its observer.

To find out more, read the article “How to best communicate with our cat” .


The cat is an extremely clean animal. That’s why he spends most of his time licking his fur and smoothing his coat.

Our task, therefore, is to make him live in an environment that is as clean as possible, starting from his litter box.

It is very important that the cat can always have a perfectly clean litter box available , because this is one of the cleaning that he cannot do alone, but which is essential for his well-being .


The feline is by nature a solitary and very independent animal. That’s why he doesn’t need constant physical contact to find satisfaction and feel loved, like a dog does.

For this reason, before bothering him with unsolicited caresses or cuddles, it is always good to wait for him to take the first step towards our. In that case we can then give the green light to our instinct to caress our soft furry friend… but only as long as he wants it. If it moves away, it means it’s okay and we don’t have to never force it!

As we have just seen, our feline friends have a very different perception from ours of what is pleasant and what is not.

At this point, given these differences in perception, maybe you are curious to find out how our cat sees us