Life Dog Monoprotein is a line of natural foods formulated with a single protein source. They are therefore ideal to be used in exclusion diets in cases where the dog manifests food intolerances. They are produced without cereals and gluten , as well as being free of dyes and preservatives . Preserved in maxi sizes of 400gr , Life dog Monoprotein products are ideal for medium or large sized dogs.

The flavors that you can find Life Dog Monoprotein represent an excellent alternative to the most popular flavors. in this case the product is made from 100% lamb meat . In addition, lamb is a low calorie and highly digestible meat .


Lamb 100%


  • Small size 1/2 can per day
  • Medium Size 1 and 1/2 cans per day
  • Large size 2 cans per day