Are you on a beach vacation and have more free time to share with your dog?

Well, it’s time to try new games to strengthen the bond with your puppy!

Dogs are very sensitive animals, and for them playing represents a time of complicity and fun. Many of them love to go to the beach, buthow to entertain them and what pastimes to adopt so that they do not get bored at the beach?

Here is a list of the most fun games to organize at the beach for your dog:

  • Dig a hole
    It is the most common play-motor activity, but it will be a real blast for your Fido to make holes and dig in the sand, especially if stimulated and followed in the game
  • Walks and runs along the shoreline
    If you are an early riser, you can walk or jog with your pup on the shoreline when the beach is empty.
  • Carryover games
    Among the most common beach games but certainly among the most challenging. If you are equipped surely your dog will appreciate using objects that can float in the sea, such as balls, Frisbees, and life jackets, but alternatively a simple wooden stick will suffice to ensure fun.
  • Dogsup
    A unique sport, namely surfing to do with your puppy. A recent activity that involves balancing on a board with your Fido while paddling along. A new game and a must try!

These activities ensure a strengthening in bonding and can be done at Dog Friendly beaches, discover the beaches and facilities in our guide:

Now that you know the most common games you can play at the beach with your four-legged friend and the beaches dedicated to them, you just have to enjoy your vacation