Here we are, the holidays have arrived!

For sea lovers, especially in the wonderful south of Italy , the difficulty is to find structures that can also accommodate our four-legged friends.

In previous articles we have created a list of dog-friendly facilities and beaches in other regions of Italy, such as Tuscany , Emilia Romagna , Lazio and Puglia .

In this article instead we talk about the beautiful Calabria!

Here are some accommodations that will be delighted to host you together with your animal friends:

Irene Village, Pietrapaola, Cosenza : this place can be defined as a paradise for our furry friends! Surrounded by greenery a few meters from the sea and the private beach, it hosts dogs of all sizes and breeds at no additional cost. A few meters away there is a beach with access to dogs with a restaurant dedicated to them, with a veterinary service, bowls for water and snacks … a holiday designed for them!

La Piana Degli Ulivi, Cosenza: a farmhouse where our furry friends are welcome! Dogs of any size are accepted, who will have the company of Macchia and Olivo, the two four-legged owners of the structure! All our furry friends can run among the olive trees of the large park and be with us in the pool area. It also offers veterinary service in case of need, quality food, grooming service and a welcome-kit for them!

Hotel La Praia, Tropea : a hotel directly on the beautiful sea of Tropea, happy to accommodate all sizes of dogs. It offers a dog-sitter service in case we want to relax in the pool or if we want to get away from the village. If, on the other hand, we want to bring our furry friend with us, they also organize guided tours designed for them too!

Agriturismo Agriclub Le Giare : here large and small dogs can run around the park! A farmhouse 30 meters from the private beach for both them and us masters. Veterinary service is available on request, bowls for water and snacks both on the beach and inside the farmhouse.

These are some of the structures that will be delighted to host us together with our pets, after all, it’s a holiday for them too!