The cat is a territorial animal that needs its own space and to live in an environment that is welcoming and congenial to it. This is precisely why it is very important to make one’s home an environment designed and furnished for him by implementing the advice based on house cat care.

What does catification mean?
It is a type of approach that a person or family has toward the cat, a method that panders to the feline’s needs, granting him the suitable spaces he needs. Doing it is easy, all it takes is a little patience, ingenuity and following some basic rules.

The essential features of furnishing a cat-friendly environment:

  • Bedding and bowls for food and water
    Litter, meal and water bowls should always be present and well spaced apart. In addition, it is preferable that they be clean and placed in safe places, not in the way of human passage
  • Niches for hiding
    Set up home and don’t be afraid to abound with niches! Places to hide, play and rest are never enough for your friend, whether they are cardboard or wooden boxes, baskets or tunnels, always try to offer your cat a niche for himself
  • Verticality
    Our feline friend likes to climb, observe, rest and take refuge in high places. Therefore, it adapts home spaces vertically, giving the cat the opportunity to climb up through scratching posts, furniture and shelves. These changes will radically change the quality of the environment and coexistence for him
  • Resting places
    If you haven’t noticed yet, know that your kitty loves to sleep and likes to do so in different places throughout the day. This is precisely why it is important to ensure that he can do so with a niche, a pillow or any comfortable object present in any room of the house.
  • The scratch pull
    an indispensable and essential item that allows people to climb, trim their nails and leave their scent behind. The scratching post is an important resource that must meet the parameters of height, stability and solidity.
  • Cat TV
    Another key aspect in cattery is making it possible for him to look out the window. Your little furry friend is sure to love it, and try equipping yourself with shelves or hammocks designed especially to hang in the window!

Follow these tips and always think in accordance with the cat’s presence, only in this way can you improve his living conditions, making the house cozy for him as well.