Cats, unlike dogs, are quite independent animals and educating them is more difficult. Although at first glance cats may seem “colder” than dogs, those who know them know very well that they are very affectionate and tender animals and that they give us back all the affection we give them: this is why talking to them at the right time can be very helpful in their education and can be a great start for establish a great relationship .

But what are the methods to be able to educate our cat?

  1. Train him to use the litter box: It is best to place the litter box in a quiet place, without too much noise around. A tip is to put the cat on the litter box immediately after meals, it is also useful to do it immediately after he wakes up or has played, in this way he will remember that he can do the needs at any time. After he uses the litter box, give him a small treat like a snack or a cookie, it will help him understand that what he is doing is right!
  2. Make him stop biting: If your cat often sticks out his claws or bites, especially while playing, respond by immediately stopping playing. Then try to play in a different way, because it is possible that the cat, playing briskly, has entered the “hunting” mode. A good idea is to have him play with a toy.
  3. Make him stop scratching the furniture: The first thing to do is to buy a scratching post: if the cat scratches things often, it is likely that he needs to sharpen his nails or wants to brand objects with his scent. If you find the cat scratching something, interrupt it with a sudden noise and lead it immediately to the scratching post, in this way it will understand that some things cannot scratch them.
  4. Train him not to get on the tables: To solve this problem, it is useful to remove the food on sight. One method to remove the cat from these places is to spray lemon juice or mint perfume: cats do not like these smells, and it can be a method to keep them away. This way the cat will associate the table with the unpleasant smell.
  5. Teach him the commands: Use mouthwatering treats of natural cat food . Whenever he obeys, give him tasty food, such as catnip or tuna.

The secret to training a cat is to respect it! They should never be forced to obey if they don’t want to. Get to know your cat based on his character. The fundamental rule for educating the cat is also …love! Whenever he obeys never forget to caress and pamper him. Even though they are different from dogs, that doesn’t mean they don’t need affection.

So off to pampering!