The cat has entered our lives and we cannot help but love it for its charm and its ability to make us happy every day.
But is our furry friend happy to live with us?

Understanding if the cat is happy is very important, but it can be difficult to understand. However, there are unique behaviors that our furry friend can assume and that let us know if he is happy with our presence or not . Knowing how to catch these signals will increase the cat’s safety and affection for us.

Here are the 4 signs to pay attention to to understand if the cat is happy.

1 Eat with appetite
If your cat always eats his dose of food and doesn’t despise snacks between meals, this is positive behavior that indicates happiness . On the other hand, a decrease in appetite or the refusal of the same can indicate stress or other diseases for which we recommend that you contact your veterinarian.

2 Cuddle and purr
If your cat rubs its nose on you and comes looking for you for cuddles, these are unmistakable signs of happiness. Our feline friends come independently to ask for cuddles when they are happy and rub themselves when happiness is such that they want to impregnate us too. Purring of course can also be a great indicator of happiness.

3 Tail raised and straight
Another peculiar sign of happiness is the tail, in fact if your little furry friend has a straight tail at the top, even with the tip a little bent it means that he is really happy . This is one of the most important signals and that best expresses the happiness and pleasure of being in the company of our cat.

4 He plays, is curious and runs
Playing in a very concentrated and lively way, running wildly, is another excellent sign. Most likely our feline friend is doing very well indeed. Of course, the best way to make him even more lively will be to play with him and dedicate some precious time to spend together.