Are you planning to welcome a new furry friend into the house, but are worried about how your cat might react?

No fear! Let’s see together what are the main obstacles to be faced and the remedies to be able to introduce the new cat into the house as much as possible, reducing stress as much as possible, making the introduction pleasant and gradual .

Before leaving, let’s recap the elements to take into account in the encounter between two felines:

  • THE TERRITORIALITY : Cats are very territorial animals and may not immediately accept the presence of an unknown cat.
  • PATIENCE : it will be essential to act step by step, getting to know the new tenants requires patience and a gradual integration.
  • SAFETY : A full vet visit is required prior to insertion, especially if the new furry friend is a foundling.

Having made the necessary promises, here are the best tips for dealing with the introduction of a new cat in the house:


The ideal situation is that the host cat has a closed and quiet room, where he can begin to become familiar with the environment. This initial period of distancing between cats is necessary for them to accustom each other to the smell of the other roommate, starting to get to know each other and be aware of each other’s presence.

The best way to speed up this step is to associate the tenant’s smell with the game or food, to do so it will be enough to exchange and start sharing objects and toys, or gradually bring the food bowls closer to the door that separates them.


THEThe second step is the progression of eye contact, which contributes to making the meeting gradual. Initially, the new cat may decide to explore the entire house and will inevitably meet and interact with the homeowner. It will be important to try to remain neutral, not stroking or scolding either of them, supervising the interactions and avoiding intervening, except in cases of danger.

Therefore, it will be essential to give the animals time and space to get used to, keeping under control any signs of stress or anxiety.

As seen, by taking the necessary precautions, welcoming a new cat into your home is possible and easy. Let your cats accept the presence of others and gradually develop a relationship and mutual friendship.