The warm season begins, the days get longer and with the sun and the first warm days, we have more desire, time (and more excuses …) to be outdoors with our 4-legged friend.

But why not also take advantage of it to do some sport? It can be a great way to keep your dog physically and mentally active: all dogs, even the laziest ones, need to exercise , and above all… to have fun!

But what are the sports we can do together?

Dogs-Cross : It is a beautiful sport in which the owner runs together with the dog. The dog must be tied to a special leash and follow the owner during the run. If you want to start doing this sport together with your furry friend, remember not to tire him too much , especially the first few times: try to make him run a little at a time, as if you were training yourself.

Bike-Dog : This is the same concept as the Dog-Cross, instead of just running, you use the bicycle. Also in this case, the dog will need a special leash to tie to the bicycle to be able and follow your movements safely on the bike.

Canine Frisbee : a very fun activity for your 4-legged friends, but also for the owners! It seems that the Frisbee was invented just for our furry friends.

Dog sledding : If your dog is a snow type, then this sport is for you! Dog sledding is nothing more than a sleigh ride in the snow. The most suitable dogs are those of Nordic breed such as Huskies and it is practiced in cold countries where there is snow for most of the year.

Swimming : When it’s hot, why not take a good swim? In case your dog doesn’t know how to swim, when you are in the water, teach him how to do it by always being close to him, in this way he will always trust you and learn to follow you.

Football : As if it were a friend to do “4 shots on goal” your dog will have a lot of fun chasing the ball and bringing it back (maybe …) It is one of the best sports to do together!

DogDance : As the name suggests, it consists of dancing to the rhythm of music to dance with the dog. It was born with the aim of teaching dogs some commands, with the help of music. The purpose is always the same: the care of the well-being, mental and physical, of the dog and the owner who, dancing together, build an increasingly solid feeling thanks to the movements.

Whatever sport you prefer to do together with your Fido, we agree on one issue: there is no better time than that spent together with our puppies!