The weight of our puppies over the course of their life is inevitably subject to variations that may depend on the breed, age or other factors.

It could become a problem when we realize that weight loss begins to become noticeable and above all accelerated.

The causes could be various, in fact, the first move to do is to go immediately to the vet.

Let’s see what are the most common problems that can cause weight loss.

1 – Gastrointestinal problems
Weight loss is one of the first symptoms of a possible gastrointestinal problem that can affect the stomach and intestines.
We must be careful when our dog eats, he could have digestive problems that tend to make him eat less and consequently lose weight.

2 – Diabetes
Diabetes is a very common pathology among dogs that can generate considerable weight loss in a very short period of time.
The main symptoms of diabetes, in addition to weight loss are: an increase in hunger and thirst and an increase in the urine of the dog.
The main problem of diabetes is the constant presence of sugar in the blood, even when fasting when the level should be very low.

3 – Megaesophagus
This condition can affect dogs in the esophagus area.
The latter tends to enlarge and consequently is no longer able to transport food to the stomach in an optimal way.
Weight loss is one of the symptoms that can set off an alarm bell, other symptoms are: regurgitation, halitosis and hypersalivation.

4 – Chronic renal failure
This very serious pathology occurs when the kidneys of dogs are no longer able to carry out their excretory and metabolic functions.
On average, this condition is diagnosed in older dogs that have passed the sixth year of life and where other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and weakness may be noted.

As we have seen, weight loss in dogs can be a signal for many serious and non-serious diseases.
For this reason we advise you to always be careful about the feeding and weight of your puppies and above all to contact the vet as soon as you notice something out of the ordinary.