The summer has just begun, we are planning the holidays, the places to visit and the things that I can use during the trip. But how to prepare our cat?

It is important to know that cats, more than dogs, are very habitual animals: a new home, new schedules and new habits are not always welcome, not to mention food, especially if they are used to a balanced diet.

So what to do during the holidays?

Fortunately, a few but important rules are enough and summer will be an excellent opportunity to spend time with our cat all the time that we are unable to dedicate to him during the rest of the year:

1 The visit to the vet : Making sure of his health is the first fundamental thing, especially if we will face a journey of many hours. The vet will provide any necessary vaccinations for our destination and will be able to give us other valuable advice so that the cat does not get too stressed.

2 Organize the things to bring : Even if it doesn’t seem like it, its objects such as its bowls, its favorite blanket and the toys are very important because they can help our cat to feel less disoriented in an unfamiliar place (such as a house or a hotel ). If your cat is used to being alone in the apartment, it is useful to bring a tag and a collar in case he goes away.

4 The pet carrier : When traveling with your cat, you must always use a suitable pet carrier . It must be large enough for the cat to feel comfortable in any position he decides to get into: standing, sitting or lying down. If it is not used to being in the carrier, we can accustom the cat to use the carrier already at home before the trip, so that the departure does not represent an unwelcome novelty.

5 The right means : In general, the best way to travel with animals is by car: it is comfortable for them and offers us the possibility to manage the journey with the necessary attention and as conveniently as possible. However, it can happen that even a short drive by car is difficult for a cat: it can be too hot, or it can suffer from car sickness , just like us, for physical or psychological reasons and can manifest it with nausea, vomiting, fear and agitation. . It is therefore good to get him used to short trips by car before the trip, in order to allow him to acclimatize and make sure he does not suffer from motion sickness. However, if we notice that our cat suffers from it, it is good to talk to the veterinarian, who will decide whether to intervene with a specific drug.

These are the useful and practical tips to make our cat feel at ease even while traveling: after all, he too deserves the holidays!