For the cat, play is extremely important, both in the growth stage and as adults. Playful activities are not simply moments of fun, but help felines become aware of themselves and the world around them, helping them develop their psycho-physical abilities.

Play also becomes a time for socializing and venting pent-up energies, to which is added that such activities, when done with humans, help strengthen the bond with the feline.

For these reasons, it is important that part of the day be devoted to recreation. But what games to be able to play in the apartment?

Here are 5 games you can play with your cat, even in the apartment!

  • Anaplasmosis

    Obstacle course with objects
    Create small paths with obstacles and rewards, making sure the route to follow is easy and can encourage him to play
  • Agility games
    Such as dancing, walking between legs or balancing games in tight spaces. All these games can be rewarded with small prizes.
  • Food search
    Prepare a few surprises by leaving treats around for your feline friend to discover on his or her rounds
  • Running and catching
    The most common and easy game, all you need is a string, a rattle or a simple wire. A real boon for letting your energy out and having fun with your puppy.
  • Discarding food
    Using envelopes or boxes you can hide food inside, so as to spur the feline to win his beloved prize.

The amount of time to spend playing with the kitty depends on the kitty’s habits, we recommend spending a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day avoiding the use of lasers as it may become frustrating for the feline not to have something material to grasp.